Saturday, June 26th 2021 * ARTIST TALKS * 7pm

Please note that attendees are requested to provide proof of a negative COVID 19 test, not older than 24h. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you.

MIGUEL BUENROSTRO is a visual artist, filmmaker, and researcher working between the US-Mexico border and Los Angeles, California, and currently based in Berlin. His work often shows multiple perspectives between coloniality / decoloniality, migration, memory and architecture. His media include cinema and performative gestures in public space. His work has been presented in the Armory Center for the Arts (2017); Museo Numismático Nacional de la Ciudad de México (2018) Mexi-Cali Biennial (2019) and The New Bauhaus Museum, Weimar (2020); Miguel is co-creator of “Nuevo Norte” infrastructure for migrants, a practice which aims to rethink the cultural relationship between the city and migration. His recent performative work DISFUNCIONALISTA; On Coloniality and Architecture was part of the 100 years of Bauhaus celebration in Weimar, Germany.
He is one of the HUJ:C residents in 2021.

Picture: Rommel Portrait – Miguel Buenrostro

ÖZLEM SARIYILDIZ  uses audio-visual materials as her main tools of research and praxis. Having engaged with subjects as diverse as gender, memory, music, migration, and commons, the main body of her work emerges at the collisions of the interest in the human condition and the curious excitement about the image. She searches for modes of practicing the possibilities hidden in micropolitics and strives to communicate with her audience through the direct beauty of the ruins of life as it is. She holds a BA in Industrial Design and an MS in Media and Cultural Studies, METU, in Ankara (TK). She was a research assistant at University McGill and a fellow of la Fondation Jeanne Sauvé between 2004-2005, then started her Ph.D. research at Graphic Design, Bilkent University. She has been making films and videos since 2001, and her work has been presented in international festivals and exhibitions. In 2020 she started her collaboration as artistic director of HIER&JETZT: Connections. Sariyildiz lives and works in Berlin.

Inside Eric Massholder – Documentary, 19’04”, 2018, France-Germany.