Reacting to the lasts evolution in the discussion on german border’s security and the newly aggravations in European migration’s politic, we artists of the project HIER & JETZT: CONNECTIONS created a poster’s edition in eight languages (German, Farsi, Arab, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian).

Entrance of the B.L.O. Ateliers, Berlin Lichtenberg.

We are looking for further supporters who like to put up these posters in public space and send us pictures of their spreading. If you are interested to participate please contact us: blo-huj@riseup.net ! We will be happy to send you a five (soon seven) languages set.

The posters are migrating in the world:

Boise, Idaho (USA) – thanks for the participation to MING Studios, contemporary art center and residency program

Berlin Lichtenberg – thanks for the participation to the Museum Lichtenberg im Stadthaus were the posters are being included in the exhibition.

Edewecht, Germany – thanks for the support and participation to Julia Otto and the Hofladen Himpsl-Hof

Potsdam – Hermannswerder, Germany – thanks for the support and participation to the people living at WagenHausBurg Hermannswerder.

Teheran, Iran

The Iranian artists Neda Shoaei & Soroush Ahi came up with some new ideas to make this project spread as much as possible in their region.

They created an edition of stickers with the motives from our posters and chose several spots for placing them in Tehran, like the Book City Branches, some Cafés that work with artists, and busy streets close to universities & institutions.

The stickers also show a QR code linked to an instagram account with different posts. They include quotes from famous writers about borders & migration, facts about refugees, and introduce artists who work on these issues. This is a great way to keep this project moving on to the next level and making it widespread, involving the young generation of writers and artists in Iran.

Scan the CR Codes to see some examples of artwork developed in this context or get more information about the topic:


1 minute video of the Iranian activities on manifesto up to now

Stuttgart – Charlottenplatz, Germany

Berlin, 13th October 2018 – Demonstration #unteilbar (#indivisible)
242.000 people have been marching in Berlin to protest against xenophobia and the increasing influence of the far right. Our manifesto posters have been there, too.

Thanks to Verein der Gartenfreunde e.V. Kleine Schleife in Schopfheim, Germany.