Irina Novarese

“My artistic practice ranges from sculptural installations and artist’s books, to drawings, and video. Collaborative and participative experiences are a prime interest, particularly tied to the idea that art activism can raise awareness about different and difficult realities. In the visual’s creation, I employ primarily a fractal investigation with the tools used in the manipulation of the supposedly objective in order to compose the explicitly subjective territory. Which is often situated in the deepest part of the image, the place where I perceive my perception.”

Irina Novarese studied visual arts at the Institute for Art in Context of the UdK in Berlin, Germany and painting at the Academy for Fine Arts in Turin, Italy. She works at B.L.O. Ateliers since 2013.

The image above is part of the Installation ONE SHOT, realized in 2017 during the residency at MING Studios in Boise, USA.

Introducing Helen, Elizabeth, Esther, and Anna, the women of the All Female Survey Crew photographed in 1918 during the Minidoka Infrastructure Project. Their newly formed identities and recalculated life stories were made available by (archeologist, historian, editor, narrator) artist Irina Novarese in ONE SHOT, an exhibition of ‘real facts and real fictions.’

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