Mäki Closch is the poetic aggregation state of a natural person. He is the founder and main representative of “Apocalyptic Dadaism (ADADA)”, also known as “Palindromic Dadaism” because “ADADA” is a palindrome. ADADA emerges from the principle: “Through nonsense to sense and back again!”.

Picture: Mäki Closch (F.A.N.C.*): Mondthron (Moon Throne). German Limerick on rocking chair next to a toy astronaut from the space exploration vehicle “Monsieur Tap-Tap” (Gama A9, 3580, 1969) under the framed moon map from Karl Sohr (ed.): Vollständiger Hand-Atlas der neueren Erdbeschreibung über alle Theile der Erde in 80 Blättern, 1. Aufl., Glogau, Leipzig: C. Flemming 1844, with a textile printing of the Apollo 11 landing site by Shirin Ashkari on the backrest. 100 x 75 x 60 cm. 2019. During the exhibition “… und schließlich doch ad astra”, curated by Julia Rüther, at the Rundgang 2019 of the Universität der Künste Berlin (Udk).

*Fat Artist, No Credentials