Nastya Klychkova

Nastya Klychkova is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Berlin.

Having been born in the small town of Togliatti in Russia and having grown up there, amidst monotonous panels and the absence of any culture, all Nastya’s attention and interest were concentrated on the feelings and states of people.
Speaking directly about what is really going on in Russia and about the real states peo- ple are in is forbidden. For a “different” point of view can get into a lot of trouble, up to imprisonment.

Being on a search of alternative ways of speaking that cannot be censored. Nastya started to pay more attention to the ordinary, everyday things, assembling from them a visual language. Metaphors are also a feature of Nastya’s work, etched subtly through- out.

Working with various mediums, Nastya frequently incorporates sound, video, costume, photo, installation, and performance to bring concepts to life. In addition to thought- provoking commentary on women’s and human rights.

With an extensive background in fashion and creative industries, Nastya employs clothing as a language to reveal captivating story-telling, highlighting symbolism and deeper meanings. Past collaborations include Vogue Italy, Vogue CZ, Numero, and Office Magazine.

Nastya Klychkova