FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25th 2022 – 6.30pm

Open Studio and Artist Talk with resident artist RONAK MOSHTAGHI (IR) in collaboration with ERFAN ABOUTALEBI (IR)  in the B.L.O. Ateliers.
Free Entrance

“Untitled” Interactive installation, Wood, Fabric, Rope. A solo presentation at Kunsthall Oslo titled; Studio Report, 2020 Image credits: Ronak Moshtaghi

RONAK MOSHATGHI often use an already existing story, for example; memory of historical events, images or archival materials, protected in a constructed framework. Exploring the space between secrecy and frankness, abstraction appears as a conceptual process in her work. Digging, cutting and removing history not to reveal or discover but creating space by adding and complicating it.
Ronak has developed several performative and sculptural work in continues collaboration with choreographer; Roza Moshtaghi.

In 2018 together with the Hedieh Ahmadi she founded the BAZAR art book platform in Tehran.
Ronak is born in Tehran, educated in the University of Art, Tehran and Oslo National Academy of Arts. Her work has been exhibiting in the local and international exhibitions, such as; Kunsthall Oslo, Louise Dany; Oslo, Destiny’s Atelier; Oslo and The Mosaic rooms; London.

Her latest project is a Costume/Installation for the performance “BUD”. Bud is a dance performance by Roza Moshtaghi, commissioned by Norwegian dance company Carte Blanche and presented in May at the Bergen International Festival 2022.

ERFAN ABOUTALEBI pursues an artistic practice that is articulated through, but not limited to, installations, drawing, text and video. His works are created in response to questions about artistic, discursive, social and economic conditions. shifting, cultural meanings between representation or visibilities and the non-visible, between language and non-linguistic forms of communication, between (apparent) immersion and disclosure of constructedness are negotiated in the works.ِ

He has exhibited in: Museum für Fotografie Berlin; nGbK Berlin; Kasseler Dokfest, Kassel; große kunstschau Worpswede; and Carl Zeiss Großplanetarium Berlin,. In 2021 he received the main prize of the Karl Hofer Gesellschaft.//