OUT THERE ist ein experimentelles Ausstellungsformat, das visuelle und akustische Beiträge von 25 Künstler:innen aus 15 verschiedenen Ländern zusammenführt. Alle Beiträge befassen sich konkret oder metaphorisch mit der “Stimme”, einem Thema, das für unsere Künstler:innengemeinschaft in den letzten Monaten angesichts globaler Ereignisse, Kriege und Protestbewegungen an zentraler Bedeutung gewonnen hat. Jede Seite dieser Publikation wurde von einer/einem Künstlerin/Künstler gestaltet und ist über einen QR-Code mit einer entsprechenden Audiodatei verlinkt, die sich dem Thema aus individuellen Perspektiven nähert.

Künstler*innen:   Aleksandra Kononchenko, Alireza Ostovar, Bora Yediel, Christa Fülbier, Eva Ďurovec, Halim Karabibene, Irina Novarese, Mariia Kulchytska, Miguel Buenrostro, Mischa Badasyan, Neda Shoaei, Nicolás Kisic Aguirre, Özlem Sarıyıldız, Ruba Salameh, Rula Ali, Senem Aytaç, Sergey Dobrynov, Sima Abresan, Soufia Erfanian, Tirdad Hashemi, Uli Westphal, Yaser Safi, Zeynep Arıkan, Ziyad Hawwas, Zoltan Kunckel.

Every morning I wake up to a voice that, at times, I hear, at times, just feel. A silent one coming from where I was born, a screaming one that sits by my side, a talking one that desires, a listening one that holds a vibe…
A raised voice, a worried voice, a voice uttered by a friend I hug, a dissenting voice that contradicts me to constitute a rhyme. A voice of voices with different pitches and tones, a voice of voices keeps me moving, keeps me alive. In the jungle of voices trying to mute other voices, a voice keeps me healing, a voice penetrates the most hidden parts. A voice trapped inside shouts to free, leaks to trespass the names defined. A voice that possibles a life.

A voice that sounds from elsewhere, that expresses the pains I share, a voice that explains my cries. A voice that has been swallowed for long, a voice that whispers for a wilted voice. A voice that insists on silence, a voice that reminds me that we have sinned and we have sinned too much.

A voice that conveys my mother’s tongue, a voice that finds peace amidst the chaos. A voice that sharply punches my face, a voice that dances mild words, a voice that plays handmade toys. A voice that creates cracks, a voice that absorbs pleasures, a voice that rises up.

A voice that is unrecognizable, a voice that escapes, that ignites clouded passions. A voice that reveals a veil, a voice that insists on the truth wherever it is denied. A voice that teaches me to be an ally with a voice singing a silenced song. A voice from the wildness that tells stories that were never heard before. A voice that speaks the unspoken and that translates an unspeakable voice. A voice that negates, a voice that calls.

A voice that roars a scream with laughter when all the words give up. A voice breezes through the borders to subvert them as if they have never existed at all. A voice that embodies my flesh and blood. A voice that resonates with a world yet to come. A voice dislocates all voices and awaits to be multiplied by yours.

Artist Book 500 copies / A3
Concept: HUJ:C Community
Text: Özlem Sarıyıldız
Gestaltung: Irina Novarese
Audio Mastering: Zoltan Kunckel
Printed in Berlin – Pinguindruck
Published on December 2022.

The book is funded by Bezirks Lichtenberg von Berlin, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur
If you are interested to receive a copy, please send us your postal Adress.