Every morning I wake up to a voice that, at times, I hear, at times, just feel. A silent one coming from where I was born, a screaming one that sits by my side, a talking one that desires, a listening one that holds a vibe…
A raised voice, a worried voice, a voice uttered by a friend I hug, a dissenting voice that contradicts me to constitute a rhyme. A voice of voices with different pitches and tones, a voice of voices keeps me moving, keeps me alive. In the jungle of voices trying to mute other voices, a voice keeps me healing, a voice penetrates the most hidden parts. A voice trapped inside shouts to free, leaks to trespass the names defined. A voice that possibles a life.

A voice that sounds from elsewhere, that expresses the pains I share, a voice that explains my cries. A voice that has been swallowed for long, a voice that whispers for a wilted voice. A voice that insists on silence, a voice that reminds me that we have sinned and we have sinned too much.

A voice that conveys my mother’s tongue, a voice that finds peace amidst the chaos. A voice that sharply punches my face, a voice that dances mild words, a voice that plays handmade toys. A voice that creates cracks, a voice that absorbs pleasures, a voice that rises up.

A voice that is unrecognizable, a voice that escapes, that ignites clouded passions. A voice that reveals a veil, a voice that insists on the truth wherever it is denied. A voice that teaches me to be an ally with a voice singing a silenced song. A voice from the wildness that tells stories that were never heard before. A voice that speaks the unspoken and that translates an unspeakable voice. A voice that negates, a voice that calls.

A voice that roars a scream with laughter when all the words give up. A voice breezes through the borders to subvert them as if they have never existed at all. A voice that embodies my flesh and blood. A voice that resonates with a world yet to come. A voice dislocates all voices and awaits to be multiplied by yours.

Artist Book 500 copies / A3
Concept: HUJ:C Community
Text: Özlem Sarıyıldız
Gestaltung: Irina Novarese
Audio Mastering: Zoltan Kunckel
Printed in Berlin – Pinguindruck
Published on December 2022.

The book is funded by Bezirks Lichtenberg von Berlin, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur
If you are interested to receive a copy, please send us your postal Adress.