Azadi – Mischa Badasyan

Mischa Badasyan

AZADI means „Freedom“ in Kurdish. Jin Jiyan Azadi means Women Life Freedom. It’s a motto of the latest protests in Iran that took place in the whole country and later in the whole world. On 22nd of October I have attended a demonstration in Berlin, and I must admit that it’s the most emotional political demonstration I have been participating in Germany or in general in my life. Each time you hear the song “Baraye” (the anthem song of those protests), I burst into tears. Each time I see a photo of another murdered little girl, I burst into tears. I never cried so much for any political reasons. This revolution touched me so much. I hope that I won’t get any news anymore about murdered women or anyone because they just were dancing and singing on the street or because they were walking their dog. This revolution has to win and we have to support people in Iran.