Steps – Mariia Kulchytska

Mariia Kulchytska – photographer
Galina Altman – composer

Visually exploring the, perhaps, most controversial art of ballet gives an opportunity to touch the eternal, where female strength, spirit and soul take center stage. 
Behind the apparent fragility and tenderness of the performance is a daily uphill battle full of sweat an blood, fought against and despite any personal weaknesses. The ballet dancers can visually express a plethora of emotions just with their bodies. They can laugh, scream, rejoice or cry – all in a language that cannot be read or heard, only felt. 

Women are blessed with a strong creative force inside them, which can be expressed in countless ways. 
True self-love starts with embracing this natural gift of drive and energy. Central to the creative process in all art, be it ballet, music or photography, is the strong desire to express the inner genius through one’s dedicated work.”