Home Sick Home – Zoltan Kunckel

Home Sick Home
Zoltan Kunckel

Sirens wailing, screams, commotion
the SEBIN is kidnapping my friend
Head covered, blindfolded, disappeared
Are we going to see you again?

Handcuffed, chained and locked
in the tomb, torture is an institution.
Sleepless nights and the fear of death,
covered in darkness cold isolation.

The sea is my refuge, my refuge is my sea.


displaced or free?

As migrants we seek refuge, we seek home.

The sea is my refuge, my home is the sea.

Until the 12th of December of 2022 there are 7.131.435 Venezuelan migrants and refugees around the world. 

The seashore in Catia was taken in 1947 by my grandfather (Iván Fényes) after his arrival with his family seeking refuge in Venezuela.

The abandoned shopping mall with the view in the background of the valley of Caracas was taken in 1969 by my father (Dietrich Kunckel) upon his arrival to Venezuela. In 2009 it was turned into the infamous “Helicoide” torture and detention center and is still being used to this date.