Picture of Resistance – Alireza Ostovar

Picture of resistance
Alireza Ostovar – Concept, performance and music

Music: Lalai (Lullaby) by Ali Ostovar (feat Hani Mojtahedy & Shahram Mohammadi)
Photo by Babak Bordbar

Picture of resistance is a series of long-duration performances inspired by “The Girls of the Revolution Street” and accompanied by a composed music “Lalai” performed in public spaces in support of Iranian protesters’ fight for their human rights.
The work is dedicated to all Iranian women struggling, fighting, and resisting for their human rights and freedom. They have been oppressed all these years. The performance is a direct and symbolic message of freedom; freedom of speech, opinion, expression, and dressing (hijab).
The printed picture is a photo of one of the recent performances in October 2022 during an hour-long performance in front of Berlin’s central station (Hbf) in solidarity with Iranian protesters in the ongoing revolution for “woman life freedom.”

Duration of performance: ca. 1.5 hour