From Silence to Gen Z – Neda Shoaei

From Silence to Gen Z
Neda Shoaei
Soroush Ahi – Sound

In 2009, a silent protest shaped in Tehran, the capital of Iran, with over 3 million protesters. That moment was unforgettable & went down through our history, known as the Green Movement. Back then, the media wasn’t widespread as today & we have less footage of protesters being shot & killed on the streets. 2022 is different, though! Web3 & the decentralized media are shaping a new in this anti-regime movement with active citizen reporters trying to reveal the truth from around the world! Despite the regime shutting down the internet, everyone uses their mobile cameras as a weapon to broadcast what is truly happening to innocent people on the streets, seeking justice & freedom. The price of this action is high & even people get arrested, shot, and killed while recording a live violation occurring. In the audio, you hear a young woman’s voice named “Shirin Alizadeh” who is taking a video of police shooting citizens on the streets while she is in her car sitting next to her seven-year-old son. Unfortunately, you hear her last breath as she gets shot directly by the police. The last thing we witness in her video is her blood splashing on her camera lens. “Woman, Life, Liberty” is the core slogan of the Gen Z movement happening in Iran & there’s no setback from it this time