participative performance ° COMPLAINTS CHOR

Saturday, 15th June, all day

Thanks to Catriona Shaw for composing and directing the COMPLAINTS CHOR of the TAG DER OFFENEN TÜR in the BLO Ateliers.


Complaints Choir is a community art project that invites people to sing about their complaints in a choir together with fellow complainers. The name ‘Complaints Choir’ is a literal translation of the long-established Finnish expression valituskuoro; English language has the expression “a chorus of complaints”. As complaining is a universal phenomenon the project could be organized in any city around the world. Complaints are collected on paper and through musical arrangement translated to a song. By this artistic way of „lamentation“ and the collective experience, complaints about specific topics are expressed in a funny and somehow pseudo-therapeutic way

The artistic work of Catriona Shaw evolves around Drawings, performance, Music, Audiology and collaborative practices. As her main starting point, Shaw’s drawings connects her different creative outputs and makes visible her interest in popular culture, anthropomorphism, absence and social politics. In 2009 together with Malve Lippmann she founded the gooeyTEAM and developed performative installations in cultural educational context. With her project „Kombiticket“ Catriona had the nGbK-fellowship in 2010-12 for art-educational program.
Catriona Shaw aka Miss le Bomb was conductor and composer for a number of Complaints Choirs in Berlin and elsewhere, in particular at the Berlin Biennale 5.