FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14th 2022 – 6pm

Marrja Zezë

A performance of Jehona Jahay in collaboration with Sanya Manzoor

Organized by Ramin Parvin
In the Kantine of B.L.O. Ateliers

Marrja Zezë is a diasporic platform and performance event committing to mental health and healing transgenerational trauma through storytelling and creative recreation. It came alive to abolish shame out of our beings. The performance events are conceptualized like a group therapy session camouflaged as an art show.

Performer: Jehona Jahay, in collaboration with Sanya Manzoor

Jehona Jahaj, born in Kosovo and raised in Berlin, is a young outspoken activist, event manager, social worker and poetress. Her traditional Albanian upbringing in combination with her liberal socialisation in Berlin caused a massive identity crisis and urge to change outdated cultural norms , gender roles and reflections in the Balkans and the world.

Sanya Manzoor is a transformation partner, guide and catalyst. Her contribution to the collective is as a coach, conversationalist and community nurturer, inspiring people towards themselves through leading self-inquiry sessions, meditation practices, group dialogues and immersive sound journeys.