Ruba Salameh

RUBA SALAMEH – artist in residence 2020

 Ruba Salameh is a visual artist born in Nazareth / Palestine.

She obtained both B.A (2006-10) and M.F.A in Fine Arts at Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design in Jerusalem (2012-2014). Her work shifted from traditional Painting into Video works and Installations over the last few years. Through her work she questions notions of land, geographies, displacement, nationalism and in-between temporalities, in attempt for contemplating various scenarios of the daily life which in many cases lead to state of dystopia, using cynicism and irony as tools for political suspension points.

She recently works as a lecturer in the History of Art painting and practical classic painting at the Arab College in Haifa and conducts short term workshops at Bezalel academy . Ruba is currently working on a research film about the Palestinian cultural scene that appeared in Haifa in the last two years, its complex relation to self-organization / autonomy and how it is operating within the constantly changing environment.

Picture: All too Palestinian Installation, video, sound, 02:30 min, 02:30 min, 00:36 min, 04:40 min, prints and photographs – 2017

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