12 till 18 JUNE 2020: Amin Kafami


A Short Movie of Amin Kafami, Iran 2009, Farsi with english subtitles

LINK TO THE FILM – SCREENING Friday 12th till Thursday 18th June / 24h

Balcony is a lonely film, a film about loneliness. The main idea of the film comes from a true story. A coincidence that happened during the lonely days of the filmmaker. A day in which he was trapped in the balcony and did the same thing as the main character. At first, the film was going to be made in a sarcastic manner with dark humors, but…

The screenwriters decided to start the beginning of the film as the true story and gradually take steps away from reality.
The Balcony is about human’s endeavor for freedom and breaking the cage of loneliness; although one can find a new space, eventually his condition would not change as much. There are always others who tried their way out of the cage and searched for freedom, but at the end nothing special happened. Symbols and meta reality have helped the filmmakers to convey their thought.

Others who are a metamorphosed type of themselves, or they are tired and surrendered to their destiny.
The hideous look of the protagonist in the final scene, is a representative of failure and a doomed loneliness, as if freedom is sweet dream.

Amin Kafami was born in 1983 at Tehran, Iran
He studied his BA in Law at Allameh Tabataba’i University and received his MA in Cognitive Science at The Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch. He has been writing play and film scripts since 2003
He worked as director and writer of “The Ultimate Quality” in fourteen scenes at Faculty of Law and Political Science at Allameh Tabataba’i University and was also the executive producer and assistant director of five short films.

This film is part of the screening curated by three young artists from Teheran: Neda Shoaei, Soroush Ahi and Shirin Ashkari, who in 2018, began the instagram project hierundjetzt_iran. The instagram page was inspiried by the HIER&JETZT: Connections manifesto. After a call for films based on the theme of Diaspora, four films were chosen, and they will be screened online on the HUJ Vimeo Page beginning Friday, June 5th. 2020.