SOROUSH AHI, Iranian artist, studied Cinema at Youth Filmmakers’ Club at Tehran.
He has a degree in management and marketing tourism. Photography and filmmaking are part of his profession, and he was the Director of Photography of Art for Peace Festival in 2018. He also edited and restored movies in Roshana Film Studio and directed several films and documentaries, while focusing on topics such as paradoxes of urban life, forced migration and capitalism. He has been working with Hier&Jetzt: Connections since 2018, as well as his partner, Neda Shoaei, who is also based in Iran. They have held 2 events on diasporic literature, displacement and migration, while concentrating on the experience and difficulties of people from the Middle East in today’s world. They are founders of the instagram page hierundjetzt_iran, trying to build a closer connection with their audience, especially Iranians.