Champagne Showers

“Painting, in my working process, always starts from a story and continues like a dream. Everything is always possible in sleep. ” – Tirdad Hashemi

Tirdad Hashemi is an Iranian artist whose drawings and paintings chronicle the presence of the intimate, familial, societal and political circumstances at work on her psyche. Hashemi’s candid autobiographical renditions interlace memory and fantasy while being subject to her immediate surroundings; being created within the means available at hand, both physically and socially.

Tirdad Hashemi participated in the Bourse Révélations Emerige in 2019. Her solo exhibition Wet Plastic Fragile Heart is currently on view at gb agency in Paris.

Can I Come Back Home Mama
The trace of your red lipstick has now turned blood dripping into my eyes

Photos © Aurélien Mole