Notes on Protest – Zahra Moein

Zahra Moein was born 1993 in Iran. She draws inspiration from cinema and her everyday experiences that shape her life and brings it into her artistic practice. She works mostly with two main mediums: photography and video. In between photographic and cinematographic images, she sees the inclusion of her daily life, memories, and struggles and takes them into her artistic expression as a form of resistance and a source of purpose. In recent years, she has placed a strong emphasis on incorporating text into her artwork. She sees writing as a powerful and timeless feminist tool with the ability to offer an emancipatory approach to expression. Through the use of poetic language, she found a way to connect her written words to her photographs and videos, ultimately creating a more unified and impactful piece. Her artistic approach focuses heavily on narrative, intending to become the narrator of her life and assert agency over her own body.

Zahra Moein