mase / mayu na smereku lIsti

Site specific Intervention by Kyrylo Khalimovskyi and Sofiia Savytska
September 2023

“The aim is to understand how the public perceives the space and to participate in the discussion about the process of creating and engaging with the space that has been transformed by the newly created work. My intention at the BLO studios was to highlight the changing circumstances and the place of art in the war. It is also to express gratitude for the important steps taken by communities. Communities who are not afraid to draw attention to the problems of war and the wave of displacement in Ukraine.
The work contains elements reminiscent of a labyrinth in camouflage textures.
The mural “Labyrinth, mayu na smereku lIsti” (I have to climb a spruce) was born out of a deep-rooted need to express and confront the new realities that have become an integral part of my personal existence and existence as an artist. The idea of the mural was to reflect on the chaos and often surreal nature of life during war and to reflect on the resilience and defiance that defines the human spirit in such circumstances. The creation of this work and the format I have now chosen speaks to the fact that many artists today have moved their studios into industrial spaces and their work is often seen not on canvas but on military vehicles in camouflage patterns. Whether it’s a camouflage net or special clothing, art becomes an expert in patterns that save lives today.
By using elements of my native language in the title, albeit in transcribed form, I wanted to connect the mural to my cultural identity and convey the deeply personal nature of my experience. The spruce tree, for example, has long been a symbol for the Verkhovyna (people of Western Ukraine), the spruce has long been a symbol of eternal life, longevity, resilience and overcoming adversity. It is therefore also a humorous wish for inspiration, which may not be immediately obvious, but is thought-provoking.
Using camouflage patterns and colors of burnt metal and concrete, which have become familiar to me over the past year, I wanted to bring this new cultural feature, which is spreading throughout all regions of Ukraine, into a new space.
Ultimately, the experience of creating this work was a testament to the power of art to transcend borders and speak to the universal.”