Mika Clemens

MIKA CLEMENS studied product design in Bielefeld and art at HdK (now UdK) Berlin and works at B.L.O Ateliers since 2005.
Mika Clemens is interested in people and their relationships, social attributions to gender and value, and works on these topics in painting, photography and installation.
Mika Clemens often deals with biographical themes in painting. In photography, it is above all people in the urban context who are the focus.
In the current situation in Berlin, the rent explosion, more and more people in the streets are visible, which have fallen out of the system .. Who can no longer or does not want any longer comply with the given life of wage labor, adaptability and inconspicuousness will be suspended.

Image: from the series Where do we go, when …, which focuses on homelessness.