“I won’t write a queer poem because i have never been queer enough”, 2021, Mixed Media 23 x 31 cm

SOUFIA ERFANIAN is a Berlin based visual artist. She was born in 1990 in Mashhad ,Iran and since immigrating to Germany nine years ago, moving around has been the only constant. She had lived in four cities and thirteen flats, before recently moving in a co-living apartment she considers home for the moment. “Home” is a concept that is at core of her relation to art since childhood.

Erfanian studied Architecture at Azad University of Mashhad in Iran and continued her education in Mechanical Engineering at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. For as long as she recalls, art has served as a survival tool. It has allowed her to dream and to exist beyond the boundaries of time, place, social pressure and reality in all its complexity.

Her artistic practice as well as her conviction in life is to relentlessly strive towards human connection. She has discovered the best way she can fully sympathize and communicate her sentiments with people, is to paint their stories, suffering, joy, what matters to them and what keeps them up at night. In her artworks, she rids her thoughts of seemingly unnecessary details and dives in deeper, to capture the kernel of these anecdotes. In 2021 she was one of the artists part of the residency program, together with Tirdad Hashemi.

“This baby butch makes me feel guilty”, 2021, Mixed media, 23 x 31 cm