Uli Westphal

Uli Westphal’s work deals with the way humans perceive, depict and transform the natural world. He is especially interested in how misconceptions and ideologies shape our view of nature. In recent years he has focused on the portrayal and transformation of nature through the food industries.

Westphal studied visual arts at the Institute for Art in Context of the UdK in Berlin, Germany, the MICA in Baltimore, USA and the Academy for Fine Arts and Design in Enschede, The Netherlands. He works at B.L.O. Ateliers since 2016.

The image above shows the work Field Study II – A morphological chart of zucchinis harvested from a greenhouse close to Seoul, Korea – rejected and left to rot because of being of the wrong shape, size or color. 2016 | photograph | 90cm x 215cm

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