Artist Talk with EVA ĎUROVEC (SK) and ULI WESTPHAL (DE) in the Kantine of B.L.O. Ateliers.
Free Entrance

Records from two seemingly unrelated battles, Eva Ďurovec, 2022. (Photo: Beata Babiakova)

Born in former Czechoslovakia, EVA ĎUROVEC studied Spatial Strategies at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee.
In her work, she deals with living-space and life fulfillment, in the context of the social, economic and environmental crisis, issues of corporate power, corruption and consequences for landscape, people and animals. She creates objects combining autobiographical texts or journal entries with global and local topics. Based in Berlin and Košice.

Suicide Soda, 2018, Installation at MU Artspace Eindhoven (Credits: Uli Westphal)

ULI WESTPHAL is visual artist based in Berlin, working with a variety of mediums, including photography, graphics, installations and found objects. His works observe the way humans perceive, depict and transform the natural world. A special focus is on food. He documents our disappearing crop diversity and the things that are replacing it.

He studied visual Arts at MICA, Baltimore, USA, the AKI, Enschede, Netherlands, and the Institute for Art in Context – UdK, Berlin, Germany. Recent exhibitions include ‘Zea mays, Wet Collection’ at Berlin-Weekly in Berlin (solo), ‘Keep being amazing’ – at Firstsite in Colchester, UK and ‘Happy Together’ at Ui Sinseol Culture and Arts Railway in Seoul, Korea.